If I need to do verification? Can I pay with paypal 2022-09-24

If I need to do verification? 

Our main purpose for verification is to confirm the payment was authorized and protect the security of your account to prevent theft.

Only about 5% of customers are required to do a verification every day in all games which selected randomly by system.Also the verification process is simple, you only need to show some of your personal information to prove that you are the actual payer.

If you really don’t want to do the verification.You could choose the paysafecard .

Can I pay with paypal?

If you can see paypal option at the payment method page , means that we support  it,now most popular games support this method,  if  you can 't see it now ,then I’m so sorry you can try to use other method .

If you have used paypal before in our web and now  you can not see it ,maybe because today our paypal account get to the limit of receipt yet ,so you can try again tomorrow thanks .

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